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QTII does not have any current job openings. However, we anticipate having the following job openings before March 2004, depending on funding. If you are interested in any of these positions, please see our Employment page for what you need to do.


A seminar instructor for QTII travels to different institutions to teach the QTII seminars. A new seminar instructor will have a one-month training period during which he or she will study the seminar lesson plans, attend several seminars as observer, and teach several seminars under supervision. The job entails significant travel, and requires professional appearance, demeanor, and presentation capabilities. In addition, when not performing seminar instruction duties, the seminar instruction will perform seminar development, administration, and other duties as directed by the Executive Director. These positions may be promotable, leading to possible Branch Chief or Directorate-level positions, depending on the individual.  

Office Manager (1 position).

The QTII Office Manager is in charge of ensuring the QTII business operation runs smoothly. This will include seminar bookings, client tracking, and overall office administration. This position is the general do-everything job in the company. Depending on the individual, the position may lead to promotion into the Director of Administration executive position.

VOLUNTEERS: We welcome volunteer work at any time. If you are a retired teacher or other interested party who is willing to volunteer to work in any position, we will be glad to have you. If you are interested in employment but are willing to volunteer until that position is funded, we will give priority consideration to you when that position is funded. We expect the same standards of dedication and professionalism from volunteers as we do from our paid employees. 

FUTURE POSITIONS: Please see our Structure page for the QTII staffing plan. We will fill all the positions indicated there as funding permits and demand dictates.


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