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Proposed Structure

This diagram is the proposed (eventual) organizational structure of QTII.  There will be five divisions, as indicated, with the designated branch subdivisions.

During startup operations, there will be, besides the President, also known as the Executive Director, an Office Manager and two Seminar Instructors, as soon as funding permits. During this phase, all personnel will perform all duties as needed, including functions in research, marketing, finance, training development, and seminar administration.

As the organization grows, we will add personnel as needed. All will initially function in multiple capacities, as training developers, researchers, and marketers.


Manning and Duties:

According to the personnel structure chart, we intend to have the following 44 personnel with duties as indicated. First level supervisors will be referred to as Directors of their respective divisions, and will report to the Executive Director.

President/Executive Director (1 person)

The President/Executive Director will be responsible for the overall operation and functioning of the company.

Director of Operations, Vice President  (31 people)

The Director of Operations will be responsible for all operational aspects of the company, to include supervision of the chiefs and operations of the following branches of the Operations Division.

Standards and Research Branch (9 people)

The Standards and Research Branch will consist of a Branch Chief and two sections. The Branch will coordinate findings from the Research Section into the standards evolved by the Standards Section. The branch will also be the lead coordinator for Subject Area Symposia.

 (Note: Subject-Area-Symposia will be a QTII-sponsored nationwide convention of higher education representatives in designated disciplines, with the purpose of determining and approving core competency objectives in that discipline, and for designing, prioritizing, and finalizing the chain of objectives for each competency.)

 The Standards Section (2 to 4 people) will develop and keep updated effective teaching standards for each of the QTII focus areas. Additionally, the section will coordinate with the Certifications Branch to ensure QTII certification standards are aligned with the established effective teaching standards.

The Research Section (4 people) will consist of a Chief of Research and up to three researchers. The duties of this branch will be to devise, administer, compile results from, and publish research to determine effective teaching elements. The branch will share its findings with other associates of QTII to shape QTII standards and teaching.

Seminars Branch (13 people)

The Seminars Branch will consist of a Chief of Seminars, one or two instructors whose primary duty will be to train seminar instructors, but who may also teach seminars, and up to ten additional seminar instructors. The duties of the Seminars Branch is to develop, administer, and evaluate QTII training seminars, and to train and certify QTII Seminar Training Instructors. Additionally, the Chief is responsible for ensuring all seminars maintain alignment with QTII philosophy, goals, and vision, and to incorporate results from the Research Branch as directed by the Director of Operations.

Certifications Branch (6 people)

The Certifications Branch will consist of a Chief of Certifications and up to five individual Certification Officers. The duties of this branch will be to develop QTII Certification Specifications in accordance with effective teaching standards as set forth by the Standards Branch, to develop procedures for teachers, departments, schools, and textbooks to attain and maintain certification, to administer certification procedures for the abovementioned entitites, and to maintain a database of certification and currency listings.

Repository Branch (3 people)

The Repository branch will consist of a Chief of Repository and two staff members. The branch will work closely with the Information Systems Branch to build, maintain, and refine an on-line repository of objectives and the objectivesí associated test item banks. Additionally, the branch is responsible for concept development, overseeing implementation, and continuing maintenance of the online access capability and restrictions, and of the user test scoring interface.

Director of Finance  (4 people)

The director of finance, also known as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), will be responsible for all internal and external financial activities of the company. The CFO is repsonsible for preparing and maintaining the annual and long term budget, and for preparing managerial accounting reports as needed. Additionally, the CFO supervises the personnel and operations of the following branches.

Internal Accounting Branch (1 person)

The Internal Accounting Branch consists of one accountant, preferably a CPA. This branch is responsible for keeping the corporate books, in accordance with all laws, rules, and regulations,

Grants and Funding Branch (2 people)

This branch consists of up to two staff members, all of whom report to the CFO. The duties of this branch are to locate and prepare all paperwork, supporting documents, and periodic reports required to locate, attain, and maintain funding for the corporation.

Director of Marketing (5 people)

The Director of Marketing is responsible for all bookings, publicity, and public relations of the company. In addition, the Director of Marketing may be tasked Marketing may be tasked with being the secondary coordinator for Subject Area Symposia. The Director of Marketing will supervise the branch chiefs and operations of the following branches.

Bookings Branch (1 person)

The branch consists of one person, who reports to the Director of Marketing. The duties of this branch are to accept bookings for seminars, to coordinate seminar instructorsí bookings, to maintain and update a database of seminar attendees, and to work closely with the internal accounting branch of the Finance Division to ensure Accounts Payable are collected.

Publicity and PR Branch (1 person)

This branch consists of one person, who reports to the Director of Marketing. The duties of this branch are to devise and implement publicity and public relations activities, to track the effectiveness of these activities, and to perform other such duties as the Director of Marketing may direct.

Fund Raising Branch (2 people)

This branch is in charge of coordinating all fund-raising efforts, to include maintaining a database of all corporate, foundational, governmental, and individual solicitees and donors. The branch will conduct targeted mailings, tally responses, and track all communications with current, past, and potential donors, and will conduct or coordinate other such fund-raising activities as the Director or Executive Director may specify.

Director of Administration (3 people)

The Director of Administration is the same as the Office Manager. The principal duties of the Director of Administration are to perform all office management, maintenance, and coordination duties as the President may direct, and to assist the division directors insofar as duties and availability permit.

Assessments Branch (2 people)

The Assessments Branch will consist of the Chief of Assessments and possibly one staff member. The branch will be responsible for devising and administering effectiveness measures for the entire company, with the objective of ensuring that all functions of the company support and fulfill the corporate mission.

Director of Information Systems (2 people)

The Information Systems Division is responsible for obtaining, maintaining, and upgrading all QTII computers, servers, peripherals, etc., and for developing and maintaining the QTII website. In addition, the Division Director will supervise up to one staff member, and be responsible for seeing that any necessary databases are properly designed, developed, tested, implemented, and maintained to support the operations of all divisions of QTII.

Director of Legal Affairs (Contract or Part Time)

The Legal Affairs Division will be responsible for all legal affairs of the company. The division will consist of one person, who will be either a volunteer, a part-time worker, or a hired by contract.


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