VISION: QTII envisions the day when every accredited institution of learning will require its instructors to meet standard qualifications in teaching effectiveness. QTII envisions being recognized worldwide as the accepted authority for establishing, teaching, and certifying standards for Effective Teaching.


MISSION: The mission of QTII is to establish, teach, and certify standards for effective teaching.


GOALS: 1.  To research, prioritize, and promulgate a set of minimum common characteristics of an effective teacher. QTII anticipates the principal areas of focus will be
     a.  Objective-based Planning, Teaching, and Assessment
     b.  Affective Development
     c.  Curriculum
     d.  Counseling and Advising
     e.  Textbook Selection and Authoring.

2. To provide inservice training seminars at a reasonable cost to teach instructors how to be effective, including

  • Defining the WHAT: Objectives for Effective Teaching
  • Defining the HOW: Classroom Techniques for Effective Teaching
  • Test Construction
  • Win Their Hearts, Win Their Minds: Student Affective Development
  • Curriculum Development and Alignment
  • Counseling and Advising: The Neglected Aspect of Education
  • Textbook Selection and Authoring

3.  To establish, maintain, and administer effective teaching certification standards and guidelines, for

  • Teachers
  • Courses
  • Departments
  • Schools
  • Textbooks

4.  To conduct research to determine the effectiveness of QTII methodologies and provide a basis for updating QTII programs.

5.  To become a nationwide repository for common course objectives.

6.  To become a nationwide repository for test questions, (Test Item Bank) directly related to the objectives in the QTII Objectives Repository.

7. To provide internet-based access to chain-of-objectives and test item bank material to authorized users. This will include for any selected course appropriate course objectives, learning objectives (hierarchy), behavioral objectives, criterion objectives, and test items. This will also include test answer sheet scanner access to test scoring and automated test item analysis statistics. 

8.  To convince educational institutions and accrediting agencies that teachers need to know how to teach, and to require QTII certification for all persons in teaching positions.



        QTII -- Establishing, Teaching, and Certifying Standards for Effective Teaching