Who We Are

QTII is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the effectiveness of teaching in all venues.

QTII is always seeking support, workers, advisers, and inputs from all parties or agencies concerned with teaching effectiveness.

The initial focus of QTII is to improve the effectiveness of teaching in higher education, because this is where the need is greatest. However, we will not limit ourselves to higher education. QTII services will be available to all who need them, to include primary schools, secondary schools, home school parents or groups, and government, corporate, and military trainers.


First, we believe teaching is one of the primary foundations of society.  Before we can have an economy, before we can have jobs, values, beliefs, goals, religion, sports, or politics, there must be teaching.

Good (effective) teaching makes society better.

Ineffective teaching hinders, sometimes even cripples society.

QTII is dedicated to improving teaching in all venues of education. To do this, we must first determine what effective teaching is, then we must teach it to others. 

Finally, we propose to certify teachers, courses, departments, schools, and textbooks who have proven that they teach effectively.

If QTII were a for-profit corporation, we would have to charge so much for our seminars, enough to cover the salaries and expenses of the seminar instructors, QTII administration, and researchers, that few could afford them, regardless of how good they are.

As a not-for-profit organization, with the generous support of concerned foundations, corporations, and individuals, QTII can perform the necessary research, and make the teaching seminars available at a very reasonable cost. We can provide these seminars so as to be accessible by virtually any educational institution or organization.

QTII Believes Education Belongs To Everyone.

For-profit organizations zealously guard their research, their techniques are developed as trade secrets. Their primary duty is to their stockholders, not to their customers. 

QTII strongly believes that educational techniques and research results should be made available to anyone with an interest in learning how to teach effectively.

Our primary duty is to society.


        QTII -- Establishing, Teaching, and Certifying Standards for Effective Teaching